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Product Details

Vintage Automatic Mechanical Watch Men Retro Bronze Plating Mens Wristwatch Automatic Transparent Steampunk Skeleton Watches Man


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This is automatic self-winding wristwatch

Self-winding means it winds itself. There is no battery inside the watch. You do have to wind it to get its power started, and winding is also required when the watch gets low on power due to not being used for a period of time. Wind an automatic watch by turning the crown enough to jump start the power source, and then allowing the self-winding mechanism to work.

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Automatic Watch Men

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Upon receipt of your mechanical watch, you may need to set the time and wind the watch.


1 Pull the crwon out to position 2

2 Turn the crown and make sure the hands are walking in clockwise direction.Stop turning when it reaches the current time.Stop turning when it reaches the current time.

3 Push the crown back to original place.


1 Catch the band make your watch a horizontal direction

2 Wind it up by swinging it from side to side until the second hand starts moving.

3 Put your watch on your wrist,and then your watch will wind itself

Please note:

You need to wear it more than 8 hours to ensure it work well as the spring winded itself by the movement of your arms.

Daily Maintenance:

1. When the watch is worn on, the mainspring will be wound automatically through normal wrist movements.

2. To start the watch after it stops completely, wind it up by swinging it from side to side until the second hand starts moving. Then set the correct time before wearing the watch.

Reminder of Mechanical Watch :

– Please wind up the watch before usage

– Please wind the mechanical watch by screw the crown clockwise for 15 to 20 complete revolutions . over 20 can do harm to the watch mechanic.


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