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Retro Paper Box/Leather Case/Glasses Manual/Glasses Labl/Glasses Bag/Glasses Cloth

Sunglasses maintenance methods / steps:

The method of maintaining sunglasses is like maintaining general glasses, and it is a habit to clean, stack, and store. However, sunglasses often get rid of them, and they will be scratched if you accidentally, so there are some small details to remind you: when the sunglasses are stained, don’t use your nails to smash, it will easily scratch Surface. When the sunglasses are not worn, many people will hang them on their heads, collars or pockets. At this time, the body’s movement range should not be too large to avoid tearing or crashing. Or someone will put it in the handbag. It is recommended that you put it in a hard case and put it in the bag, so as not to be worn by small things such as keys, combs, copper plates, etc., or contaminated with lipstick and other cosmetic drivers. Wearing sunglasses, when not wearing them, will be placed on the dashboard or in the seat. This is a very bad habit. The hot weather will make the sunglasses not baked, especially the plastic frames. Take the car off, or collect it in the eyeglass box. No matter where you store your sunglasses, be sure to remember that the mirror is facing up.


1. One-handed removal will destroy the balance of the left and right sides of the frame, resulting in deformation. It is recommended that you hold the temples in both hands and wear them in parallel along the sides of the cheeks.
2. When you wear it, you usually fold the left temple first, which is not easy to cause the frame to be deformed.
3, it is recommended to rinse the glasses with water and use a paper towel to absorb the water, and then use a special glasses cloth to try to rub, you need to hold the side of the frame on the side of the wiper mirror, gently wipe the lens to avoid damage to the frame or lens caused by excessive force.
4, when not wearing glasses, please use glasses cloth wrapped into the glasses case. If it is temporarily placed, please put the convex surface of the glasses up, otherwise it will be easy to wear the lens. At the same time, glasses should avoid contact with corrosive articles such as insecticides, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gels, medicines, etc., to avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature.

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