Paperang C1 Max 112mm Mini Pocket Photo Thermal Printer Portable Thermal Bluetooth Printer For Mobile Android iOS Phone Windows

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Product Details
Product Details
Another companion in your life!
With your Pocket Printer, print your favorite photos or notes in an original way directly from your phone without on the office, where you want and when you want!
Main Features:
1. Built-in battery that lets you take it anywhere.
2. BLUETOOTH CONNECTION – Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Connected to the PAPERANG max through the phone print applications, without wire, you can print anywhere.
3. EASY YOUR WORK – Office Assistant. Work Plan, Checklist Memo, Meeting Notes… Can be easy to Fix.
4. EASY YOUR LIFE – Keep track of your life anytime, anywhere. fast printing, efficient learning, entertaining, feel free to share your special and happiness moments.
5. MULTIFUNCTION – It can print photoes, users see the information on the phone screen can be printed instantly, the application offer variety of fonts, filter effects and themes, make your photo stylish.

GZM11201 Printer

Print Width 112mm

You can print photos, notes, lists, labels, web pages, OCR, material circles, etc. to make your life, study and work easier and more fun.

Bluetooth 4.0 Connection

Support most bluetooth-enabled devices for easier transmission.

Your Desktop Partner

It can be connected to a computer for printing.

With Powerful Functions

Whether it’s printing your notes, your race list, or even capturing good moments with your family or friends, the Printer will take care of everything.

1. Print Width:112mm

112mm printing width is the largest print width on the photo print market at present.

2. No ink, no ribbon

THERMAL direct Printing, save hundreds of euros in renewing traditional ink cartridges.

3. Free APP

immortallze your best moments in an original way by printing them in seconds, directly from your phone!

4. 2600mAh

2600mAh Li battery,4 rolls of paper


5.Android & iOS & Computer

COMPATIBLE with all smartphones on the market!

Although it is only 112mm wide, it is easy to carry and does not need ink.

6.Other Functions

OCR recognition, printing web pages, printing labels, etc…

HQ Printer Head Clearer,showing the beauty of each detail.

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Q1: Need ink?
A1: No, the printhead develops color by heating the color-changing layer on the thermal paper point by point.
Q2: Can it print in color? Or just black and white?
A2: Dear, you can only print one color at a time, usually printing black. At present, there are thermal papers selling blue, red, pink and other monochromatic writing on the market; in addition, there are color thermal papers with different color base papers printed in black.
Q3: Can it print thermal sticker paper ?
A3: Supporting the printing of sticker paper and thermal paper.
Q4: What kind of thermal paper is used?
A4: Thermal paper rolls with a width of 112mm and a diameter of 40mm can be supported. It is recommended to use the official ten-year thermal paper, which does not contain bisphenol A, and can be retained for ten years in the specified environment.

Recommend the relevant official 10-Year Paper

The official 10-Year Paper, which lasts for ten years (in a designated environment), can help you retain all the good memories. At the same time, it can better protect the printer’s print head and last longer.
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